Things Every Newbie Trucker Should Know

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Jun 082016

If you are new to the world of being a trucker, then you might already be bombarded with a load of information about how to become a pro in the industry. But the problem is, you cannot trust everything that you hear. Which is why, we have listed out the most important factors about being a trucker below.

Be Prepared

Remember that your career is going to run on the roads. When you spent half your time on the road, driving, you are under certain risks. For instance, driving for long periods can make you quite tired and sleepy. In this case, you must know what to do since driving in such conditions is extremely unsafe. Also, sometimes you will be expected to drive during extreme weather conditions. Thus make sure to be alert about climate changes as well.

Not All Training is Equal

Some people are under the impression that the training or certification program is the same for everyone. The type of training you get depends on the type of work you want to do and vice versa. For example, if you are opting to work for the goods transportation or chemical transportation industries, then you will require a MC truck licence. So, make sure to do enough and more research to ensure that you taking the right lessons.

Not All Jobs Are Equal

Similar to the training programs, not all careers are the same either. You will be working for various departments and industries which will affect the type of work that you do and the pay that you earn. For example, a person who has a MC truck licence will be working for industrial organizations for a higher salary while a person who works in the public transportation industry will be earning a slightly lower amount.

Build a Support Network

Although this job is quite lucrative, it can get tiresome and lonely with time, especially since you will be working – or driving – alone. In order to alleviate this loneliness you must build a network or a support system for yourself. Make sure of the internet to stay in touch with family and friends. This will keep you interested in the job even when you are away from your hometown. But, do not use your phone when you are driving since it is main reason for many road accidents.

Remember that the first year is always the hardest since the working environment keeps on changing from time to time. So, be patient and determined about the work that you do.

Staying safe on the job

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Apr 272016

When working near equipment on a construction site, it is incredibly important that you take the right measures to protect your own body. If you don’t do this, you could be severely injured in time. Accidents always happen when you are least expecting it. If you want to avoid yourself or one of your peers being killed in a freak equipment malfunction you may want to think about protecting yourselves.

Be aware of your surroundings

This is especially true if the site that you are working on is making use of a lot of heavy equipment, such as the machines used for earthmoving Toowoomba has plenty of. Different types of equipment expose you to different types of danger, and all of them need to be protected against. For one, you always have to be aware of your surroundings. Have an eye on the rest of the construction site so that you always know what machines are currently up and running and what machines are moving towards you or away.

Avoid blind spots

You also need to remember that the operators of most of the equipment used for earthmoving Toowoomba has to offer are humans. As such, they have blind spots in their vision, especially when they are focused on a specific task. If you want to cross in front of the machine, or if you need to pass near it, make sure the operator is aware of you first. You don’t have to make it obvious that you are making him aware either.

All you need to do is give him (or her) a friendly nod or a wave to show that you exist. A simple hello will suffice. However, make sure that you don’t keep talking to the operator for no reason at all. There are people out there who will stop and chat at the drop of a needle. The last thing anyone needs on the site is a distracted caterpillar driver who steamrolls over some poor, unsuspecting person laying concrete.

There are some signals that you can learn. These are standard all over the world, and are perfect for quick communication with the operator of the equipment you are trying to go across. You should also make a concerted effort not to go near the ramps that the machines use for getting around. You never know when one will roll down one while you are walking up. Always stay away from equipment that you don’t HAVE to be near. The last thing you need is one of them turning on while you lean against it. You will probably end up with at least one part of your body crushed, and it won’t be nearly as ticklish as your heart after a breakup.

Failing to Plan is planning to fail

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Jan 112016

You and your college friends are thinking of going on a batch trip, what is the first thing you will do? You are hoping to throw a birthday party over at yours, what is your next step? You have ideas on flying out during your semester break, what will be your first move? Well if you think through it all, you’ll probably say what you’ll be doing one by one and this process of deciding what to and how to do, is all about proper planning. In all of these instances, you should be deciding in managing your finances, the locations, the food, accommodation and what not.

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